Customer Checklist

  • Request a free quote/estimate

    If you’re looking for a newly paved lot or drive, or simply looking to have some asphalt repairs completed, contact Pioneer Paving by phone at 604.533.5253 (Langley) or 604.854.5288 (Abbotsford) or complete this simple form.Our quotes are always free. We will conduct a site visit for the free quote. We will give you a comprehensive, detailed quote. We list the amount of materials to be used, include a drawing with measurements and special notations and sign each quote.

  • Scheduling the project

    Once you’ve decided to move forward with Pioneer Paving, we can schedule your project at a time that works for both you and us.

  • Site-preparation day

    Pioneer Paving will contact you before the grade crew arrives at the site so you can make sure that access to the site is clear of vehicles and other obstructions.

    A Project Manager will arrive before the grade crew with drawings/plans to ensure the project goes smoothly. If you’re home, we will introduce you to the Grade Foreman and tour the site addressing any areas of concern, such as borders, elevations, drainage, etc.

    A grading project can take 2 hours to 8 hours, or more hours, depending on the size of the project.

  • Paving day

    After the site has been prepared, the paving crew will arrive a day or two later. Please ensure the following:

    • Ensure the site is clear of vehicles and other obstructions

  • After the paving is complete

    Once paving has been completed, the first few days are crucial:

    • We block off the entrance to prevent vehicles from damaging your newly paved lot/driveway
    • It is okay for people and pets to walk on the new pavement
    • Do not drive on the fresh pavement for 24 hours
    • During the hotter months, it is best to wait five (5) to seven (7) days
    • Do not park large heavy vehicles and equipment on your newly paved driveway as this could depress your new driveway
    • Do not drive on the edges of your newly paved driveway as the edges are the weakest part of your driveway
    • Avoid the use of jack stands or car ramps (if necessary, utilize plywood to distribute the weight) on fresh asphalt
    • Avoid the use of sharp objects, including bicycle kick stands and lawn furniture, as this could create holes and depressions on fresh asphalt

    It can take up to one year to completely cure and harden.